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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club Tour of Borneo. February 25 – March 16 2005

Kunjungan Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club ke Kota Kinabalu, Sabah empat tahun yang lalu, sedikit sebanyak telah memberi kenangan yang sukar di lupakan. Saya adalah antara pengunjung yang tidak melepaskan peluang untuk melihat sendiri kereta yang di bina pada tahun 1912. Istimewa nya ialah keseluruhan kereta yang di kategorikan antic ini masih bergerak di jalan raya.

Larry T. S. Lim, pemilik kereta 1926 Connaught Tourer 20hp telah mewakili Malaysia dalam Tour Of Borneo 2005. Saya rasa ini adalah kereta yang tertua di Malaysia.

Berikut adalah photo yang sempat saya rakamkan untuk tatapan pengunjung blog ini.

1912 Silver Ghost Tourer.
Reg No. SV 8316.
Chassis No. No.2142.
Owner: Howard Philip.

Chassis 2142 was completed in 1912 and delivered to the Coachbuilder Maythorn and Sons early in 1913. it was destined for Australia for William Adams, the first owner. In the late eighties, the car was acquired by Peter Wilkie who then engaged Dubois and Company to undertake a full restoration including the construction of new Braker style body. In 1997, the vehicle was purchased by Andrew Barnes and used by him at various club events in Australia. Early in 2000, the car was sent to UK to be sold and in June that same year, Howard and Jackie become the new owners.

My kids photograph with the car owner.
Photo by CJK.
Event: Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club. Tour Of Borneo 2005.
Location: Sutera Harbour Marina & Country Club, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Since that time, 2142 has taken part in the 2001 Tour of Malaysia as well as the first two legs of the 2004 Centennial World Rally in New Zealand and Australia, where over 4000 miles were covered. 2142 has also participated in the 2004 R-R.E.C Euro Rally to Madrid where she was awarded first in Elegance. In addition, 2142 was awarded first in class at both the Australian and UK National Concours events.

1926 Silver Ghost Stratford Coupe.
Reg No. AB 4256. Chassis No. S 348 RL.
Owner: Albert Eberhard.

This car is one of the last Silver Ghosts to be built at Springfield. Brewester made a total of six Stratford coupes and this is one of only two known to have survived. S348RL was totally restored by Frank Cooke of Massachusetts in the 1980s, and has eon several award. At the R-R.o.c of America Michigan Meeting in 1990 it scored 99 ½ points out of 100.

1926 Silver Ghost Stratford Coupe.

The car is now resident in Portugal and in the hands of Albert and Monique Eberhard has participated in several local events. It took part in the 1999 “Jewel that is Jordan” tour and also taken part in Ghost only events in Austria (alpine Celebrations) and in the US driving from coast to coast covering 6000 kilometers in less than four weeks.

1926 Connaught Tourer 20hp.
Reg No. ST 1111.
Chassis No. GZK 20.
Owner: Larry T. S. Lim.

The Rolls-Royce 20 hp proved a popular model, with 2,912 being built between 1922 and 1929. Most had horizontal shutters, but these changed to vertical type in 1928. Connaught Coachbuilders built three lightweight open Tourers on the 20hp chassis, of which GZK20 is one. This original and complete car including the engine was found by the present owner in Bruas Estate, Perak, Malaysia in 1981. a total restorations was completed in may 1983.

1926 Connaught Tourer 20hp.

This open Tourer was ordered by Malayan Motors and delivered to Kajang Rubber Estate, Selangor for J. Hands Esq., on the 25th June 1926 having been shipped on the Steamship Glenogle. It has remained in this part of the world since new.

On the very auspicious occasion to commemorate the official opening of Penang Bridge in September 1985, this car led a procession of cars traveling from Singapore. Since then it has participated in many outings, including the very successful “Tour of Malaysia” in 2001.

1927 20hp 3.4 Doctors Coupe.
Reg No. KO 5002.
Chassis No. GRJ47.
Owner: Michael Osborn.

Chassis No. GRJ47 was ordered from Rootes Ltd. Piccadilly, London on 22nd April 1927. The Purchaser was Mr. Reginald Tilling, a family member of the South London Omnibus Operators, Thomas Tilling & Sons. At first Mr. Tilling required a Weyman bodied saloon by Windovers and this was ordered, however he changed his mind and Harrisons were instructed to build a ¾ drophead Doctor’s Coupe with dickey seat. This body is on the car today and is the only known Harrison 20HP drophead.

The car remained in tilling’s ownership, as far as is known until 1947 when it was purchased by Col.L.F. Messel. In 1958 GRJ47 was exported to U.S.A where it had three owners. In 1996 M.E. Osborn purchased the car and repatriated it to the U.K. Considerable mechanical work has been carried out on the car since, including re-boring the engine and the removal of chromium plating applied during its stay in the U.S.A. GRJ47 has participated in several overseas rallies including the R-R.E.C. Tour of Jordan in 1999 and the Tour of Malaysia in 2001.

1931 Bentley 8 Liter.
Reg No. LXA 320.
Chassis No. YX 5125.
Owner: Etieene Veen.

During the 1950s and 60s, this 8 Liter was well known as one of the fastest and best looking vintage Bentleys active in the Bentley Drivers’ Club. The car has been driven at speeds in excess of 120 mph and until 1984, the car had covered only 34,000 miles.

LXA 230 was imported into the United States in good un restored condition and embarked upon a complete nut and bolt restoration in 1989 that was not finished until 1994. This restoration was meticulous in every detail and took around 5,000 hours to complete.

As a result the 8 Liter has won numerous awards including a First Class at the 1995 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance events all round the world as it must ranked as one of the prettiest and fastest 8 Liters ever produced.

1931 20/25 Four Light Saloon.
Reg No. OU3567.
Chassis No. GFT 51.
Owner: Alan Hay.

Mrs. Kino, who lived in Brockenhurst in the New Forest, owned GFT 51, for 40 years. Sold in 1971, GFT 51 had three further owners until bought by the present owner nine years ago. Judging from the original sales document, her mechanicals are all original, but the interior was refurbished during the 1970s and repainted at that time. Many of the 130,000 miles covered have been during the current ownership on rallies to France, Spain, Portugal and the Czech Republic.

1934 Bentlely Le Mans Special.
Reg No. AXX 224.
Chassis No. GNC 5.
Owner: Brian Woodford.

Roll-Royce/Bentley AXX 224 was constructed in the style of the Le Mans cars which were so successful in the event of that name between 1927 – 1930 the glory days of the marque. The car was assembled by Bob Petersen Engineering, around a 1934 Rolls-Royce 20/25 chassis and powered by a Rolls-Royce 81 engine.

Whilst this car cannot be described as an original vintage Bentley, it does give the opportunity to enjoy a car which provides the pleasure of driving a Le Mans Style vehicle which is reliable and at an acquisition cost within reach. The car has already been rallied in UK and several awards.

1934_ 20.25 Drop Head Coupe.
Reg No. FPD 328.
Chassis No.GKC 38.
Owner: Roland Sleebus.

This car was originally delivered to a Ronald Jeans Esq., of Southwold, Suffolk in July 1934. It spent the next ten years between Suffolk and London, before being sold by Jack Barclay to Spectator Sports Ltd., in 1948. There is a large gap in the records until 1991, when it was sold to Meneer de Betzenbroek in Belgium, and then to the present owner in January 1996.

1935_Bentley 3.5 Liter Tourer.
Reg No. KFJ 492.
Chassis No. B79EJA.
Owner: Kjell Anderson.

This 3.5 liter Bentley is the first example of the “Silent Sports car” after Rolls-Royce acquired the Bentley Company in 1931.

1935_Bentley 3.5 Liter Tourer.

The car came to Sweden in 1978 and was purchased by the present owner in 2000. The car participated in the Tour of Malaysia in 2001.

1936 Bentley 4 1.4 Pillarless Saloon.
Reg No. AQL 58D.
Chassis No. B 201HM.
Owner: Mal Henderesen.

The present owner acquired this Bentley Pillarless Saloon by Gurney Nutting in November in November 2000, almost sixty-four years after its initial delivery in the U.K. The car came to Australia in the late 1980’s and two previous Australian owners. The car has its original body but has been repainted. The engine has been totally rebuilt.

1936 Bentley 4 1.4 Pillarless Saloon.

The owners have toured with the car in Australia and took it to the U.K. to participate in the 2004 Centennial Tour.

1951 Bentley MK Vl Standard Saloon.
Reg No. NSB 243.
Chassis No. B.329.MB.
Owner: Adrian Dance.

The Mark VI Bentley was, in its day a fast sport saloon which appealed to the owner/driver. NSB 243 has covered 183,000 miles. Perhaps its most remarkable feature is that it is in original condition and has never been subject to any major restoration.

Its condition is a reflection of the loving care bestowed by the three previous owner, one of whom war Ruary MacKenzie-Dodds a world expert on dragonflies: he sacrificed ownership of the Bentley so that he could give all his time and resources to founding Great Britain’s only Dragonfly Sanctuary.

1955 Bentley R Type Saloon.
Reg No. 333 EHX.
Chassis No. B32X.
Owner: Rosemary Lintott.

This car was one of the last of the R-Types, the chassis being delivered to James Young of Bromley in August 1954. The body was designed by the chief Designer, Ken McNeill and is believed to be one of six ‘R’ types with the razor-edged style of coachwork produced by this company.

The car was built to the order of Captain Conrad Schermuck who took delivery of it in the spring of 1955 and owned it until 1962. Subsequently it had three owner until it was placed in store in 1971 and remained there for twenty years. There is little record of the following ten years apart from the fact that a motor mechanic, with considerable experience of the marque resurrected it.

The present owner purchased the car in January 2003 and has rallied in Jordan.

1956 Bentley S-Series 2-Door Sport Saloon.
Reg No. 1 SHS.
Chassis No. BC 71AF.
Owner: Issam Shammas.

This car was purchased by the present owner from Peter Fischer Motors in 1989 and underwent a complete restoration. In 1995 it’s was re-upholstered by Robert Betteridge.

The unusual aspect of the car really on the inside – it has power steering, air-conditioning, steering-wheel mounted indicators, picnic tables, good luggage space where the back seat is and deep sofa comfort seats.

The car is consistently in use as a family car, hence the picnic tables which came in very useful for the children’s sports days and speech days.

The car has entered the Louis Vuitton Concours d’elegance at the Hurlingham Club in London an has rallied in Jordan.

1959 Bentley S-Series Coninental Sport Saloon.
Reg No. B 150.
Chassis No. BC 48 FM.
Owner: Paul Bourgeois.

BC 48FM carries a very rare and elegant example of James Young designed craftsmanship. Only twenty of this lovely 4 door style were ever produced of which twelve were right hand drive.

This car is probably the most well cared for original example that is in existence, as the engine bay and interior mill confirm.

The present owner acquired the vehicle five years ago and has rallied this car on numerous occasions, both in the U.K. and Europe. It has covered 135,000 miles since new and has a comprehensive history file spanning its life since restoration.

1964 Silver Cloud lll Fixed Head coupe.
Reg No. DXC 234B.
Chassis No. 303 C.
Owner: Francis Lambert.

This car has had a remarkably chequered history. Amongst its ten owners have been a fitted kitchen king, a property tycoon, a garage proprietor, a Nigerian collector and an Irish double-glazing supplier. It has also passed through ‘the trade’ no less than seven times.

The lamberts have now owned it for ten years during which time Healey Brothers have substantially restored it and maintained by P&A Wood. It has now completed 219,000 miles with only routine maintenance on the engine.

1973 Cilver Shadow Standard Saloon.
Reg No. RH8647.
Chassis No. SRH15420.
Owner: Reginald Hardman.

This car spent many years of her life on the island of Guerney where she belonged to a diplomat and covered to England and became a member of the Hardman family and was christened Polly!

Since then they have driven her in UK and abroad on many car rallies visiting France, Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Greece mainland, Crete and Malaysia covering a further 22,000 miles. Polly is completely original and is in concourse condition.

1977 Corniche Drophead Coupe.
Reg No. SFO683.
Chassis No. DRH 30022.
Owner: Tom Bevington.

This Corniche is in very good condition and has been completely rewired and had other restoration work carried out. The car is well maintained and presented.

1998 Bentley Brookland R Saloon.
Reg No. 8118 ET.
Chassis No. WCH 66827.
Owner: Ellic Thompson.

The car is number 31 of a limited edition of 100 cars made at the factory was taken over. The present owner purchased it new in 1998. The cars were sold with various modifications from the standard Bentleys of the time. This particular car had a works upgrade to 380 bhp.

The car has covered 20,000 miles, some of which were in Jordan during the rally in 1999.

1998 Silver Seraph Standard Saloon.
Reg No. L 4 UNG.
Chassis No. CHO 1302.
Owner: Norman Yung.

The Silver Seraph was the last edition of a standard Rolls-Royce manufactured in the period 1998 to about 2002. The car has a V 12 engine supplied by BMW, which is very powerful, silent and environmentally friendly.

The car was purchased by the present owner in 1998 and has been used frequently in rallies and participated in the Centennial Rally of New Zealand and of Great Britain in 2004. The car has only covered 16,000 miles.

1999 Bentley Azure Drop Head Coupe.
Reg No. T 7 LUU.
Chassis No. XCH 61825.
Owner: Brett Langevad.

The present owner purchased the car in January 2002. It had a series of owners since new, each owning the car for one year’s summer of fun.

Since purchase the engine has been upgraded to the latest power and torque specifications and added various Milliner type accessories. The car has won several first in class awards at Concours events.

The car is used extensively in the summer touring Europe, visiting the South of France, Switzerland and France. It regularly went to attend the 24 Hour Le Mans race when Bentley were participating.

The present owner was a MAS Captain flying over Borneo and is now delighted to have the opportunity to drive over the country.

2001 Bentley Arnage Red Lable Standard Saloon.
Reg No. A 8 JAL.
Chassis No. CHO 6290.
Owner: Anthony Leach.

The car was first registered in the Spring of 2001 and bought by the present owner at the start of 2003. The previous owner an Italian Count, living in London, had covered only seven thousand miles in the car.

It is a standard production model having a 6.75 liter V8 engine with a single turbo charger producing some 400 brake horsepower. The car has a few extras including a Tracker Device, which only came to light when the Police visit my house after being informed wrongly that the car had been stolen.

2002 Bentley Arnarge T.
Reg No. NT52 NJT.
Chassis No. SCBLF34FX3CH9202.
Owner: Nicholas Thake.

This car was specially commissioned at Crewe by the present owner.

2004 Rolls-Royce Phantom Saloon.
Reg No. SDS333 S.
Chassis No. SCAIS68025UH00179.
Owner: Eri Heilijgers.

This Phantom was kindly provided for this event by the Asia Pacific office of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited and their local dealer partner, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Singapore, a subsidiary of the Eurokars Group of Companies.

Inspired in many ways by the legendary Derby Phantoms of the 1920s and 1930s, the new Phantom built in Goodwood, West Sussex, is unique in today’s automotive industry. The phantom’s custom-developed aluminum spaceframe and coachdoors, manifest a ‘fit-for-purpose’ vehicle architecture not seen since the days of traditional coachbuilding.

In the tradition of grand open touring cars, a new two-door, four-scater convertible is expected to be launched by Roll-Royce in 2007, with the same 6.75-liter, V12 engine as in the Phantom. The design will closely resemble the styling of the 100EX Centenary Experimental Car, which was unveiled in 2004.

Event Location Map.
Sutera Harbour Marina & Country Club, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Banyak lagi yang tidak dapat di muatkan disini tetapi harapan saya semoga pengunjung boleh mendapat sedikit sebanyak informasi yang berguna. Pos yang akan datang, saya akan muatkan pula kereta antik yang ada di Sabah.